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Morth Mariam Vanitha Samajam functions aim at the spiritual development and progress of the female members of Malankara Orthodox Church. The ultimate objective of the organization is to lead the female members of Malankara Orthodox Church according to the spiritual life obliged by the church founders.With the blessings of Lord Jesus and holy intervention of Virgin Mary, Morth Smooni, her seven children – the martyrs & Mor Eliezer, Vanitha Samajam is functioning gracefullyThe concerns and prospects of Vanitha Samajam are briefed below. From 17th March of 2012, on which, Fr. Jobin Varghese offered the first Holy Qurbana at PCO, Ghala onwards we started our service even though the Vanitha Samajam wasn’t officially inaugurated. The first administrators of the Vanitha Samajam of Morth Smooni Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, Ghala were elected in the presence of trustee, Dn. K.M Sunny and Mr. George Varghese on 16th March, 2018. The prospects for one year were charted on the same day.

During the holy visit of His Holiness Moran Mor. Ignatius Aphrem II, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East and Supreme Head of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church and the consecration of Morth Smooni Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church on May 10, 2018, Vanitha Samajam was blessed to cooperate with the church.Believing that prayers can bring solutions to every problems, the members of Vanitha Samajam accept and adopt the compassionate model of Blessed Virgin Mary, Martha Mariam and Morth Smooni. The membership form named ‘Snehanidhi’ were distributed among female parish members. Charity fund raising program, charity tin collection, gold coin lucky draw, pickle sale, cutlet sale, spices sale were conducted. Vanitha Samajam members actively participated in the Onam Celebrations organized by the managing committee, Morth Smooni Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, Ghala in the Al Adrak Farm. A bible quiz was conducted by the Vanitha Samajam after the Holy Qurbana every Friday at church.  Understanding the significance of educating women regarding the common health issues, Vanitha Samajam conducted various seminars for the female members of the Parish. On the topics such as, ‘Diabetes’ Dr. Johny and on ‘PCOS’ Dr. Elizabeth were talked. Mrs. Beena Alexander, the vice president, Vanitha Samajam organized cooking classes as well.

Administrators for the year 2019-2020 were elected in the presence of Fr. Abhilash on 17th May, 2019. On the same day, the working plan for the year was developed and acted by it. The membership form and charity tin were distributed. Vanitha Samajam conducted charity fund raising program, charity tin collection, lucky draw, tapioca & fish curry sale, pickle sale, papaya sale, egg sale, and cutlet sale. In the Onam celebration which was arranged at Al Adrak farm, Vanitha Samajam organized ‘payasam competition’ for parish members and distributed gifts for the winners. Vanitha Samajam also organized a blood donation camp during the year. Despite of all, with the God’s grace, Vanitha Samajam can proudly say that, Vanitha Samajam was able to collect 500000/- and donate it for medical needs, house construction and orphanage functioning. The remaining amount of omr 582.500 baisa was contributed to the church.The administrators of the working year 2019-2020 are still continuing the service, as Vanitha Samajam could not conduct the election during the pandemic. The members of Vanitha Samajam had meetings in the presence Fr. Abhilash using virtual platform.  To ensure the mental health of the parish members during the pandemic, Vanitha Samajam organized an online ‘stress relief’ class for the parish members. Rev.Fr. Jacob Joseph from Australia delivered an effective talk on the topic ‘stress relief’.

We know that, it would not be possible for us to achieve all these without the guidance of our father vicar. The Vanitha Samajam members identifies and respects every encouragements and advices we have received from our Vicar Fr. Abhilash. .May the God bless him and his family. We would like to conclude the report by acknowledging our regards and hearty thanks to the managing committee as well.